Monday, May 19, 2008

Wake up to the Reality

Did you know ?

  • I degree Celsius = 33.8 degree Fahrenheit

  • Records from land stations and ships, show that the global mean surface temperature has warmed between 1 degree F and 1.7 degree F since 1850

  • From the 1970's the average surface temperature has warmed up by 1 degree

  • At the present rate , earth's surface is warming up at the rate of 3.2 degree F per century
  • The top ten warmest years have all been after 1990.

  • The global average temperature, it is predicted , will rise between 34.52 degree F and 42.44 degree F by 2100

  • Average temperature in the arctic have increased at almost twice the global rate in the past 100 years

  • Hooter days over land and less cold days and frost

  • At the current rate of glacier retreat in the Himalayas, scientists predict the loss of all central and eastern Himalayan glaciers by 2035

  • More floods, heat waves and insect borne diseases in the near future

  • Overall, the Himalayan region has warmed by about 1.8 degree F since the 1970's

Aparana Chauhan


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