Thursday, May 22, 2008

Go Green

Now is the high time to inspire people to be aware of the looming environmental dangers around us. Each of our small initiative could be big contribution to tackle the problem of climate change. It is today the greatest problem that is affecting all of us. The climate change problem is too urgent that it will be the biggest stupidity to postpone it further.

The focus on climate change now has geared towards taking the solid steps in this direction. Well all of us need to come together and work as the representative of change. Youths have the power to ignite the issue as they are voice of nation and it is the one such issue that is concerned with their future as well as present.

Increasing human activities, change in lifestyle patterns, more use of the land resources, high waste generation and deforestation led to the increase in the emission level that later on add to the climate change. Strong Public opinion act as a tool in recharging the passive industries to act climate friendly. Steps taken by the government and the industries have the potential to spark the global initiatives.

Each one of us can play a big role by not only following the eco lifestyle but by also persuading other to adopt the sustainable living. There are little things that can save us from future devastation. If you are purchasing a new gadget or the new product use it to the fullest and dispose it properly. To tackle the problem of climate change we first of all need to deal with the problem of greenhouse gases and water pollution. It seems very small but it is very essential to get your vehicles serviced every month. If you need to cover the shorter distance prefer walking or bicycling.

As youths are the 40% of the total population, they can make the greatest impact on the society. Join the organizations supporting the environmental issues. The South Asia Youth Environment Network with support from UNEP is working on a resource material package on 'Youth for Clean Air', through which it plans to provide information to the youths that they can help reduce the emissions at the personal level.

There could be road shows that includes actions such as walking or bicycling for short distances, wearing the T-shirts labeling 'Go Green', watching the pollution and making other realize the impact of the climate change.

Aparana Chauhan


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