Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Eco Friendly street lights

Due to the economic growth and development, the use of the global energy has risen by approximately seventy percent. The rise in the energy use, has resulted in the increase in the greenhouse gas emissions from fossil fuels and an anticipated increase in global warming. And all this calls for the greater use of the eco friendly technological inventions.

Every day we come across number of street lights, have you ever wondered how much electricity do these street lights consume. Or have you ever thought of any other alternative to save the electricity consumed by these traffic lights. It may surprise some of you. But the alternative is there, and that is the use of the hybrid street lights.

Thanks to the latest technological inventions, very soon our roads will be lighted by these solar wind power street lights. The city of Missouri, US, has already set the example of the foremost 'eco conscious' city. If we talk about the functioning of these streetlights they generate power during the day, store it into their battery and illuminate at night while continuing to generate wind power. During the day time they remains in the off state, while lights up during the night. The light is the same as the electric power light. When the wind blows, these street light charge when the sun shine they get charged, don't you think that this concept will bring good green results towards the end.


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