Thursday, May 22, 2008

Climate Change unnerves the experts

No doubt, Climate change is the omen of future devastation and turmoil. It is one of the greatest challenges that the mankind faces today. The causes of climate change are unambiguous. Human induced green house gases are the indication that we are approaching towards the period when we will not only observe but also feel the agitation of the global climate change.

Signs of Global Warming

Rise in the Sea level : Rise in sea level is the outcome of the global climate change. Thermal expansion of the sea water and rapid melting of sea ice are the major causes of this sudden rise in the sea level. If the earth's temperature warms up, ice sheets melts that result in the sea level rise. During the 20th century sea level rose to 10 - 12 cm and in the next 100 years it will rise as much as 85 cms. Rise in the sea level is the threat to the coastal areas, wetlands and the coral reefs.

Melting of Arctic Ice : Ice is melting speedily. Since the industrial revolution the human activity has belched out nearly 300 Giga tons of carbon-di-oxide. The greatest impact of the climate change can be noticed at the Arctic. Average surface temperatures in the Arctic circle has risen by more than half a degree Celsius per decade since 1981. Year 2007 amazingly counted the lowest amount of sea ice ever recorded. The summer thickness of the Arctic icebergs is half of what it was 50 years ago.

Flooding : Due to the climate change, billion of people will be at risk from floods and droughts. Many regions are experiencing the heavier rainfall that causes flood. In the last few year the floods have caused more damage than in the last 30 years. The amount of droughts have also increased due to the global warming.

Biodiversity Loss : According to the reports millions of plants and animal species would eventually become extinct as a result of the climate changes expected by 2050. Further the land use changes will make it more difficult for species to adapt to global warming.

Change in Ecosystems : Many species are unlikely to survive the climate change. Due to the further rise in the temperature the species will either migrate to the cooler places or will die.

Climate Change and Infectious diseases : Extreme change in climate can cause the loss of life. Serious diseases will appear in the warmer regions. Moreover warmer climate will increase air and water pollution, which affects human health.

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