Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Revealing the Truth - Are we responsible for the Climate Change?

What do we talk about when we talk about the Climate Change? Planet Earth is getting hotter, ice is melting and the wildlife is on the extinction. But does each one of us make efforts to combat this global problem. One day we learn't that the ozone layer is depleting, other day we recognize that the ice might be gone from the Arctic sea. Climate change has become the 'defining issue of our era'.

How can the humans change the Climate :

We ourself bear the greatest responsibility of creating the climate change, so it is our responsibility to deal with the causalities. Global temperature rose by 0.6 degree Celsius during the 20th century and it is the human beings that are responsible. Each one of us has contributed to this phenomenal change. The fossil fuels that we use such as the coal, oil and gas are one of the foremost change behind the sudden climatic change. When these fossil fuels are burnt they release carbon-di-oxide. Carbon-di-oxide is the greenhouse gases. Methane, water vapor, nitrous oxides, ozone, chlorofluorocarbons are the other green house gases. For over many many years we have been releasing the huge amount of green house gases into the atmosphere.

Due to increase in the green house gases the temperature of the earth is increasing, which is leading the global warming. And it is the warming of the earth that has led to the change in the climate. Earth is our mother and we all holds the responsibility towards her. Have you ever thought what could be the impact of these changes?

Extreme Weather : There will be frequent cyclones, storms and floods. There will be unwanted change in different parts of the world. Some places will become more hotter, other more drier or more wetter.

Receding glaciers: Mountain Glaciers around the world are shrinking at the fast pace. The glacier from which Edmund Hillary and Tenzing began their expedition of Mt. Everest in the year 1953 has retreated by over 4 km in the past 50 years.

Rise in the sea level : Because of the continuous rise in the temperature globally and the trend of glaciers retreating on the large scale has given rise to the another problem and that is the increase in the water of sea level. Rise in the sea level is the threat to the coastal areas and the small islands.

Agriculture production : Further changes in the climatic patterns has reduce the soil productivity. The areas around the world that produce the rice, wheat and food grains would not be able to produce the same quantity for long. Increased evaporation and drier soils in some of the regions would result in the prolonged droughts. Agriculture suffers from increased used of pesticides, crop diseases and weeds.

Aparana Chauhan


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