Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Switch on to the Recycled Products

Today is the need to involve ourself in the Eco practices. Science and technology can not resolve the impending environmental issues alone. And this requires the widespread adoption of eco friendly production technologies and the increased use of the renewable material and products. BRBA (Buy Recycled Business Alliance) has set an good example for environmental concerned people. It is committed to the purchase and use of the recycled content products through the development of the sustainable marketplace.

The choices are wide and the products are readily available in the market. The use of the recycled products is the approach to deal with the problem of the waste and its disposable. For the information of the people the recycled products are equal in quality, use and appearance to virgin products. The item range from hybrid products, cars, issues, tile flooring etc. It means that the papers and bottles that we throw off like this only are worth something.

Before unwrapping the product check out the details on its packaging about the recycled content. It is not compulsory for the manufacturers to label the products which contain the recycled content, but still there are many manufacturers who are doing so to make it easier for the customers to make choices. After that check out the recycled content in the product. Do not get fool by the label, as sometimes it is labeled as the recycled product but it is not made from the recycled materials. Recycled products are good to use, but the use of the recycled content is far much better. Check out the quantity of the recycled content it contains.

Compare the quantity of the recycled content with the one mentioned on the package of the product. It is good to seek help if you are doubtful. You can always question the vendor, seller or the retailer to provide you with the information about the manufacturer's program for the product that you are interested in purchasing. Survey the people who have already used that particular product. Ask them for how long they have been using the product and what is the price difference between the recycled product and the virgin product. Inquire about the satisfaction and about the warranty of the product. Or sometimes the sellers already have the review of the customers who have already used the product.

Share responsibilities, encourage other people to use the recycled products. As all the members of the society have the responsibility to preserve the natural ecological resources of the country, basically used in the making of virgin products.

Aparana Chauhan


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