Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Hot ideas for the Cooler Planet !

Can we stop Climate Change

Everyday we hear the shocking news of disappearing ice shelves, receding glaciers or rise in water level of the oceans. But have you ever took out the time to understand the nuts and bolts of the what actually has led to the sudden climatic change? Can we do something to combat this problem.

The answer is Yes ! We all can definitely work out to make a difference. Check out how : -

A Cooler Planet Awaits You

Each one us should take steps to turn our lifestyle into the smart and sensible eco lifestyle.

Understand the Climate Change : First of all try to understand the reasons responsible for the climate change. Search for the to rated sites and discuss with you friends and the family members as how to deal with the problem.

Use of the common transport : More car and bikes on the roads means more of the green houses gases. Use the common transport, if you have to go the same place. You can even use the mass transport like the bus or train instead of using the car or bikes. If you have to cover the shorter distance prefer walking or using the bicycle.

Get the servicing done : You are requested to drive gently and below the speed level. In addition to that keep the vehicles serviced at the proper time.

Become resource savvy : Conserve energy at schools and at the work place. Prefer suing the recyclable products. Save water and electricity. Adopt for the waste management system.

Save Electricity : Switch off the fans and lights when not in use. Try to save the electricity, as the every time we use the electricity we put GHSs into the air.

Tree plantations : Tree plantation is the best way to cope up with the problem of global warming. Trees absorb the carbon-di-oxide from the air and release oxygen. They also lower down the temperature and absorb down the harmful gases generated by the vehicles. All this can definitely help in saving our earth from the future turmoil and devastation.

Aparana Chauhan


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