Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Earth Day

Celebrate everyday as the earth day. Earth day is entirely upon us and lot of people amongst us are working to make to make the planet earth a better place to live. Earth Day was originated in U.S. by the Senator - Gaylord Nelson. Today on 22 April, Earth Day is celebrated annually all over the world to protect the natural gifts of the earth.. But after the earth day, environmentalist go back to their normal routine and the desire to preserve the environment fades. The most simplest way to turn every day into the earth day is to keep the spirits high throughout the year, use the recycled products and encourage people to turn their life-style into the eco friendly lifestyle.

Gaylord Nelson created the Earth Day, as he was of the view that education is the key to change people's attitude towards the environment. The objective was to attract the people's attention towards the growing needs of the cleaner air and water.

Earth day give us the opportunity to unite altogether and work for the preservation of the mother earth. It inspires us to involve in various type of eco practices for the healthy living. Several countries are already turning their attention towards the prevention of our natural resources, improvement of water and air quality as well as promotion the land conservation.

Today is the need of the proper energy management, optimum utilization of the renewable resources as well as ecologically sustainable and economically viable agriculture and water management. All the members of the society must cultivate a lifestyle that is consistent with the sufficiency rather than greed and excess. The focus must be on the environmental conscious living.

Every citizen of the society should be encouraged to participate morally and politically in all levels of decision regarding the environmental policies. Than the NGO's should play the role of the watchdogs and must be prepared to evaluate the policy decisions where-ever necessary and should also propose alternate environmental policies. But it is sad that the majority of people in the developing countries are even unaware of the event. They are busy in the daily chores and do hardly care about the much touted events.

Aparana Chauhan


temples of india December 9, 2010 at 10:48 AM  

This is very good information. Gaylord Nelson father of earth's day is something new I have gained here and I will try to keep my society and
country eco friendly and clean.

CNA Training June 3, 2011 at 4:50 AM  

Its the responsibility of every individual to maintain environment just like their society and family.

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