Saturday, November 15, 2008

Climate Project India

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The Climate Project India is dedicated to creating the pubic awareness about the Climate Change, through presentations by the trained volunteers. It aims to educate the fellow citizens and the government to take action against the ever increasing global warming. The Organization will work out and provide the potential solution, to preserve the climate balance on which we and our planet depends.

The Climate Project (TCP) is a global organization that has come up to support Al Gore's efforts for raising alarm about the climate change. Al Gore has been honored with the “Nobel Peace Prize” for promoting the most important aspect – the climate change. His movie 'An Inconvenient Truth' has won two academy awards. Established as the non-profit-organization TCP, takes initiative to bring education, community information and research programs to the communities all over the country. TCP has carried out the special training programme at 'Indian Habitat Center' to select the 100 people from India to give presentations in order to set up the TCP India Chapter.

In the intense session, Mr Gore said “India is the world's future”, as it is at the early stages of its economic development and there is real opportunity to influence its path of growth towards the climate sustainable outcome. Some of the international organizations like TERI, CSE and CEE are already conducting research and formulating practical solutions in this field.

No doubt, Climate change solutions requires efforts from all sectors of the society. The Climate Project India is growing as the result of commitment and dedication of the volunteers to educate and promote dialogue about the ways to handle climate change crises. TCP is working out to spread its message by first of all targeting and educating the broad base of the Indian society that includes school, universities and top notch industry employers. The trainees will remain linked through the constantly updated website, which will provide the comprehensive support system. TCP India will provide the practical ways to lower the individual emissions.

Aparana Chauhan


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