Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Save the earth, make it a better place to live

Corporate World making efforts to tackle the problem of climate change

Environmental issues have been the major concern for the last many years. Environment is our most important resource. But some how there are several environmental problems that we are unable to solve, despite the extensive research in the concerned area. Now with the wider media attention, increased public awareness about environmental problems, Indian corporates are making efforts to tackle with the problem of the environmental changes and its ramifications through the corporate social responsibility. Corporate Social Responsibility is a concept whereby organizations work towards protection and preservation of the environment, that further improves our quality of life.

CSR is one such tool that synergies the efforts of the Corporate to improve their environmental performance and help them understand how they can operate sustainable growth and development. Here is the list of all those organizations that houses the excellent CSR, to reduce the environmental impact on the planet's ecosystem and bio chemical cycles.

ICICI Group : The ICICI group has won rewards for its CSR initiatives for the protection of the environment. Over the last few years, ICICI has payed variety of roles to support the environmental issues. It has been considerably providing support to the Bureau of Energy Efficiency, Green Business Center in Hyderabad and has been working in working with the city of Nashik in improving the efficiency of their street lightening system. Apart from that, ICICI Group, as an organization has been providing solutions for the wastage of water and energy conservation too.

Jindal South West : Than the Jindal South West (JSW) has been making efforts to reduce the impact of their operations on the environment. Being the mineral processing industry, they are duty bound o make substantial contribution to the environment management. JSW Foundation has taken up several CSR activities that include Bio fuel plantation, Rain water harvesting, Garbage Management and Drainage development. Training programs are conducted , in order to create the pubic awareness among the employees.

HSBC : HSBC is constantly working to combat one of the major global issue, that is climate change. HSBC Group has been providing reliable solutions to reduce pollution and to improve the energy efficiency including the low energy lighting, variable speed drives in air conditions and more efficient heat management systems. In several countries HSBC is buying green electricity (generating electricity without the fossil fuels).

Deutsche Bank : Deutsche Bank is collaboration with the Clinton Climate Initiative is panning to launch a worldwide landmark program aimed at improving the energy efficiency of the buildings in the urban areas.

Jindal Steel and Power Limited : Jindal Steel and Power Limited has built up a strong Environment Management Department, backed up with the team of professionals and technicians that take good care of the environment management, land scaping and house keeping. Apart from the they have taken initiative towards focusing people attention towards the tree plantation.

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creme brulee aka GH May 7, 2008 at 2:09 PM  

thanks for your visit and kind comments, planet earth.

'smart and sensible eco lifestyle' is a challenge but very doable.

i'll visit your blog again.

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