Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Earth Hour

Year 2007 was the year of awakening. The avalanche of progress in the field of communications and digital technology coupled with the mass media campaigns does the great job in focusing the world's attention towards the climate change. Among all the greatest job done in the year 2007, Sydney made it mark on the top, with the success of the Earth hour. On March 31, over 2.2 million Sydney residents and more than 2,100 business turned off their lights for one hour.

Earth Hour is the global international event brought forward by the World Wildlife Fund, that is held on the last Saturday in the month of March, annually. It is the only event celebrated that unifies all the countries of the world towards the common cause. On this particular day the households and businesses switch off their lights and all the non essential electrical appliances for one hour in order to create awareness about the world's greatest threat climate change. It is the one major step taken by the mankind to make earth a better place to live. It was initiated by the WWF Australia and Sydney Morning Herald in 2007.

After its worldwide popularity, in 2008, 24 global cities participated in Earth Hour on March 29 at 8 pm including- Golden Gate Bridge (San Francisco), The Empire State Building (New York City), CN Tower (Toronto), Canada, Sears Tower (Chicago), Bank of America Plaza (Atlanta), Sydney Opera House (Sydney, Australia), Coliseum (Rome,Italy), Royal Castle (Stockholm, Sweden), London's City Hall (England)and the Wat Arun Buddhist Temple (Bangkok, Thailand).

If we all join hands together, than we can definitely make the big difference. Earth Hour is the perfect opportunity for each one of us to unite for the common purpose and make it a global success. Take steps to contribute towards making the positive impact on the climate change. Lets hope to celebrate every hour as the Earth Hour in the future.

Aparana Chauhan


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