Thursday, June 19, 2008

US to push G-8 industrialized nations to combat Climate Change

President Bush committed the United states to deal with the adverse impact of the climate change that will help in reducing the green house gases. He is planning to push the G-8 counties including the India and China for the new climate change combat regime. He made the special appeal to the G-8 nations to to work in close association with the US and other European nations to cut down the percentage of green house gas emissions into the atmosphere.

US is basically looking towards working in the framework in which the countries like India and China could be included. Still the subject of dispute is the ways of means of adopting green technology particularly by mining and thermal power without compromising on the economic growth. Reduction of the greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere will definitely lead to the eco development.

The Kyoto Protocol colligated to the United States Framework Convention on climate change sets biding targets for 37 industrialized nations and European community for the reduction of the greenhouse gas emissions. And US has not ratified the Protocol.

There is the urgent requirement to harness technologies to deal with the coal fires. China has to stop somewhere as they are building coal plants at the very rapid speed. The bone of contention is that no country wants to wants to co-operate at the expanse of the growth of their economies. On the one hand every country talks about the comprehensive mitigation strategy for the reduction of the carbon emissions, on the other hand every country is in the race to be industrial prosperous and to be placed in the first position. Inspite of so many efforts including the Kyoto Protocol, still there is no legal binding to reduce the carbon emissions.

Aparana Chauhan


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