Monday, June 9, 2008

DHL Eco Initiative

DHL, a leading provider of global express services, tuned off the lights for one hour on World Environment Day (5th June 2008), in order to take the initiative against the greatest threat our planet has ever faced – the climate change. They made the powerful statement by delivering the message about the need for action on climate change. The attempt made by their employees to save the environment was the part of the GoGreen Program that was launched in the earlier this year in April 2008.

DHL commitment to reduce its environment impacts symbolize that each one of us working together, can definitely make the positive impact on the climate change. Building off the program was intended to switching off the lights in all the DHL offices worldwide (UAE, Bahrain, Qatar, Oman, Middle East and North Africa) that would result in saving of approximately 5.2 metric tons of carbon-di-oxide.

DHL aims of improving carbon efficiency by 30 percent by 2020. The aim is to increase the environment awareness and to inspire business to take practical action to reduce their own carbon footprints as well as promote the responsible use of energy. It encourages its employees to pen down their daily habits in terms of water, electricity, paper etc and adjust to them, to make it more environment friendly company.

John Mullen, CEO of DHL express, is determined to leading the company towards achieving its environmental targets. In his statement he punctuated “As one of the world’s largest and truly global organizations, we recognize the huge impact our employees can have on our environmental footprint. We are supporting our employees in leading a more sustainable life both at work and home. The ‘Lights off’ initiative will help raise consciousness across the entire DHL workforce. Our GoGreen Program is not driven by management philosophy alone, but we believe that each employee can individually help us achieve our targets and we are particularly proud that our staff are so firmly engaged in this program.”

What Can I do ?

Get involved, create a powerful Global Message about climate change. Tell a friend about the climate change
Reduce your impact on climate change
Adopt to ECO lifestyle

Aparana Chauhan


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