Monday, June 9, 2008

Nigeria Next to Kiribati

Life of more than six million Nigerians is on the extinction. Earlier the Kiribati and now the Nigeria. According to the latest reports more than six million Nigerians will submerge very soon if the government fails to deal with the present situation arising because of the sudden dramatic changes in the climatic conditions.

With the total population of 140 million people, Nigeria is spread to the total area of 924,000 square kilometers. According to the latest reports more than the fifth of Nigerians can be under water with a one meter rise in the sea level. And the situation will definitely rise in coming few decades only.

It will be extremely painful for country to experience negative impact of the climate change. It is a bitter reality and it will be good for its people to accept it. It would be highly appreciable if each one of us work towards it and save the earth from further turmoil and devastation.

The migration of people have already started due to the lack of arable land to cultivate or because of the coastal submergence. Little can be done to change the inauspicious effects that developing countries will face in the next few decades. The present situation calls for the growth and development to reduce the vulnerability to the physical impact of climate change. Their president Umaru Yar Adua made the appeal to the multinational companies to work towards mitigating climate change and its impacts. And that is only possible through the reduction of carbon emissions, to achieve low carbon economy and environmental sustainability.

Nigeria alone cannot do anything. There is a need to promote understanding between the countries to protect mother earth. Now the time has come up to human face to the environmental issues. It is time to change their attitude towards the climate change and empower them, to become the active agents of the eco development.

Aparana Chauhan


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