Monday, June 9, 2008

Far Cry

Climate Change has made a deep mark on the environment, and on our life. But still the majority of people especially in the less developed countries hardly know or care about such events. And this innocence biggest problem that we face today. For instance take the example of 5th June, how many of us are aware of the World Environment Day. Or talk about the Earth Day or the Earth Hour.

According to the survey conducted on the World Environment Day in the Capital City of India – New Delhi. Obviously not surprising, nearly 40% of the people even do not have the idea that what actually the climate change is. Half of them have only heard the term, while among those who are aware about it, have done nothing so far to make the difference. They are preoccupied with the topics like year's Budget, this year Government, political situation and inflammation. And atleast I am not amazed at the polling results. In a country where nearly half of the population is below the poverty line, who do not access to the electronic technos like television, can obviously have no idea about such things.

Climate Change threatens to becomes this decades the most burning issue. The day is not far away when the when the food prises will go up, people will starve, there will war on the share of river or the oceans water.

We are happy to be in dark for the climate change or the global warming. We look through these issues as the responsibility of the big business and government, and that is the reason we keep ourself out of it. But sometimes we forget that Planet earth is the common home of all of us. And we all have some responsibilities towards it. Only the science and technology cannot resolve the issue, we should all actively participate in the eco efficient principles and adopt the environmentally friendly technologies.

Aparana Chauhan


Nepal Trekking October 24, 2010 at 4:06 AM  

Climate change is very dangerous for every one. of course under develop country they dont care about climate change because they are not destroying climate but developed country are destroying the climate so they must think about this

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