Wednesday, June 4, 2008

There is only one earth

Climate change has shocked the powers that govern us into the serious concern. It has got more than 180 countries asking for the solution to combat with the terrible fate of climate change. And the solution will come out in 2009, when these 180 countries will meet in Copenhagen, under the aegis of UN, to strike a global to strike a global deal that would help settle the matter of climate change.

For the last so many years thousand of scientists have worked in number of ways to inform the world how real and calamitous are the risks from increasing emissions of carbon-di-oxide and other hazardous gases. Greenhouse gases can create unprecedented havoc to the atmosphere. It can harm the nature in the number of ways. The countries like India that are still dependent on rain fed agriculture, becomes vulnerable to such changes. It is the right time to act now.

The world is going through the food crises and prises of oil are already on the hike. The sings of future devastation and turmoil are clear. The problem began when the western countries started developing rapidly using the fossil fuels and started emitting out tonnes of carbon-di-oxide and other harmful gases into the atmosphere. These gases accumulated tapping heat which in turn led to the change in climatic patterns. When these countries were developing, on the other side the earth was heating up.

Now the problem is not as simple to solve. Reducing the future emissions and cutting down on existing ones will amount very high. And yes the industrial progress will slow down. Some of the major sectors like the steel and power will definitely face a set back. Very sadly the smaller sectors that can not afford the new technologies and emit less emission will suffer the much.

Aparana Chauhan


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