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Hybrid cars - the next big thing in the automotive world

Now is the time when the government should actually get into discussion with the world's top class car producers to promote the local production of the hybrid cars. Hybrid Cars have made the great strides in the past few years. And with the ongoing hike in the fuel prices the demand of the hybrid cars is growing faster than is originally expected. Hybrid cars are the ones that run on the electric motor and the gasoline. The benefits will not only be seen through the reduced consumption of hydrocarbons but also through the reduction in the automobile vehicles. If you want to save the planet earth and want to make the environment pollution free than think about purchasing the hybrid cars. Although the hybrid cars are bit expensive but think about the long term benefits that you will gain. Hybrid Cars available in the market include Honda, Ford, Toyota, GMC and Chevrolet.

Hybrid cars are mainly classified into two types – Parallel and Series Hybrid. The parallel hybrid has a electric engine that is powered by the batteries and has a petrol engine that loads the fuel tank. The main benefit of the parallel hybrid is that electric engine can turn the transmission and look after the initial acceleration, without the requirement of the petrol engine. On the other hand series hybrid uses the petrol engine to power a generator. The generator in turn charge the batteries. In series hybrid the petrol engine never turns the transmission directly.

Benefits of the hybrid cars are many. Hybrid cars makes the the air pollution free by transmitting less emissions like carbon-di-oxide and other poisonous gases into the air. They saves the fuel and reduces oil dependency. Hybrids have good resale potential. If you are planning to sell your car than hybrid's can be financially advantageous. Driving a hybrid car saves gas. It savers as much as 30 miles a gallon.

They provide better mileage. Hybrid cars are smaller in size and are fuel efficient. The gasoline engine get shut down automatically and restarts when the car shifts into gear. Whereas, the car continues to run but on the electric motor. They are more easy to operate than the other conventional vehicles. The battery of these cars have high capacity made of nickel metal hydride. Its tires are made up of special rubber that reduces friction. They are more reliable and comfortable as compared to the other cars.

Components of Hybrid Cars :
Electric Motor : The electric motor is powered by the batteries that recharge automatically while driving. The advance electronic technology allows it to react both as the motor com generator. The motor derives energy from the batteries to run the car and act as a generator and recharge batteries when it slows down. The hybrid cars also owns the petrol engine that is smaller is size as compared to the other engines which transmits less pollution.

Batteries : The batteries in the hybrid car act as the energy storage device for the electric motors. The electric motor draws as well as restores energy into the batteries.

Regenerative Braking : The electric motor that accelerates the car also slow the car.

Design : Hybrid cars are attractive, efficient and comfortable too. It has advanced aerodynamics to reduce the drag. It is made up of lightweight materials that increases the efficiency of the car.

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