Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Kids going Green.....

A new global survey has been conducted by New Generations – Cartoon Network's patented Kid's lifestyle research. , which reveals that the majority of children are concerned about the environment issues like global warming and pollution.

The survey says that as much as 54% of kids interviewed and 62 % of the parents feel anxious about global warming. It does not end there. A good 75 % of them are pre disposed to buying eco friendly products.

Though India is not a model nation with respect to environment standards, the country seems to be favorite among kids. The survey says that the 74% of kids chose India as their favorite country. The united states was chosen only by 9%.

Significantly, 25 percent kids want to help curb environment problems and save the endangered species, if they had the power to change the world.

Aparana Chauhan


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